5 Products that Define Consumerism | Retire29

We’ve all seen them.  The items that make you go “What…?!?”

Here’s a fun list of 5 bizarre items with some fun descriptions.

Please, do not actually buy any of these lest we cry.

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U.S. National Carrier Plan Price Showdown! [Spreadsheet]



For this comparison, I chose to use a phone that spans across almost all the national carriers, the LG Optimus One. This is a very nice mid-grade handset that we happen to be doing a in depth review on next week, specifically the Virgin Mobile Optimus V. I wont go into an overview of the handset right now, but will tell you that the Optimus V is a great phone, and that it is more than enough to be the only smart-phone in your pocket.

from U.S. National Carrier Plan Price Showdown! [Spreadsheet].