How to Become Financially Free When You Have No Money – Early To Rise

Research: Do your research, in advance, before you commit. I not only found out who my potential buyers might be, but I spoke with them to see what they were after, if they were in the market, and what price they might pay. My research also included getting to know the area where builders were active and how to determine which homes may be sitting on multiple building lots. With the Internet, researching and looking for potential properties to purchase has gotten easier and can allow you to expand the area you consider working in.

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8 Countercultural Decisions to Find Financial Freedom

Every study reports the same finding: We spend more when we pay with plastic than when we pay with cash. And one of the most commonly offered pieces of advice for those trying to stick within a budget is to pay with cash rather than credit. Yet the strategy remains rarely used. While we have only used the strategy off and on over the years, we have found great personal benefit each time. Not only does it help us stay within a budget, but it also helps us keep a tighter record of where the money is going.

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White Collar Freedom: At The Break of Dawn

The plan, of course is to utilize this short term freedom and look for a better, more well-maintained rat cage while working on a side-hustle (if any of you need any paid writers, do drop me an email).

On the flip side, there’s a safe path that the majority of us take – which is to hang on to this debilitating rat cage and hope that somehow our situation cures itself.

I see that as pure procrastination. Nothing more.

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