How This Woman Gave Up Processed Food for a Year—On a $16,780 Salary – Early To Rise

We all know it’s healthier to “eat clean”—but convenient packaged foods, and weird ingredients seem to lurk everywhere. Just ask Megan Kimble. The Tucson-based food writer spent an entire year avoiding all processed foods, a daunting challenge she chronicles in her new book, Unprocessed ($16,

As a busy grad student living on an annual salary of $16,780, Kimble discovered creative and affordable ways to trade packaged staples for a real-food diet. It wasn’t easy, she told Health: “But I found that once I got going and formed new habits and figured out favorite meals, it became automatic.” That said, she doesn’t recommend going cold turkey. “Start small,” she said. “Try unprocessing one kind of food, see how it feels, and take it from there.”

Below, Kimble shares her eight best tips for eating cleaner.

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Six Things We Never Buy At The Grocery Store – Frugalwoods

Fear not, to stave off these lurid and deplorable supermarket wallet-killers, Mr. FW and I assembled the below list of things we never, ever buy at the grocery store. Now, this is obviously based on our own experiences (like everything else in Frugalwoods-land!), so your mileage might vary depending on where you live and what you consume on a regular rotation.

Another grocery store week for us (yes, those are chips! don’t judge)
And now for a quick rundown of the Frugalwoods grocery situation for any new readers: our total grocery bill for two adults runs $300-$350/month. Since we don’t eat out or get take out, this amount includes every scrap of food and drop of drink we consume all month long, plus coffee and alcohol.

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Fat Loss & High-Protein Breakfast | T Nation

2.  Meal skippers get fatter over time. When the skipped meal is breakfast, fat storage is accelerated.
3.  The more we eat later in the day, or the later we eat in the day, the more likely it is that our meal will be converted to fat instead of muscle.
4.  Other than an increased risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, breakfast skippers also have a 27% higher risk of coronary heart disease.

Head on over to T-Nation for the full article and three more points.

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5 Deadly and Fattening Ingredients NEVER to Eat – Early To Rise

Bad news. Very bad news. You probably have all 5 of these deadly, fattening ingredients in your kitchen right now. Some of them might have been in last night’s dinner, and if you love peanut butter, one of them might be in Sunday morning’s breakfast. But you should NEVER eat these, because they are doing a LOT of damage to your body and your belly.
What makes me angry is that most TT readers have no idea that these “every day” ingredients are responsible for making you fat, keeping you tired and destroying your metabolism. Some people even still believe that ingredient #2 and #5 are healthy when in reality they’re actually the worst ingredients for your health.

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