Before You Get a Pet, Be Aware That They Can Be Money Sinks – The Simple Dollar

Growing up I never thought about the cost of our dogs and other pets.  Now that I’m writing the budget though I know the cost can be high for food, treats, shots, boarding on vacations, nail trims, and the list goes on for other pets.

Here’s a useful article for more information on money and pets.

Before You Get a Pet, Be Aware That They Can Be Money Sinks – The Simple Dollar.

No More Voices | Jon Acuff

I’m currently reading Jon Acuff’s new book Start and will have a review up soon.

One site that is a partner to the book though is .  In the book Jon brings out that Fear will let everyone coast on in a normal/average life without issue.  But when you step out to do something else, it’ll hit you.

Check out the site below.  Give someone a ‘Me Too’, or anonymously post your own fears.

No More Voices | Jon Acuff.

Do you know what fear and doubt fear? Community. One of fear and doubt’s chief aims is to make you feel alone. Like you’re the only one who feels a certain way. Fear wants to isolate you and put you on an island. Well, you’re not alone—tons of people feel the same way. That’s what this site is about. Share your voices, and together we can beat them to the ground.

— Jon Acuff