Tales From the Gym – Paraplegic Climber

Training in a commercial gym has it’s problems, a lot of them.

Last night though I saw something that had everyone’s jaw dropping.  A gentleman rolled up to the rock climbing wall in his wheelchair.  The gym employee helped him into the harness and got himself setup to belay.

He then proceeded to scale the wall with his arms alone.

Talk about dedication!

What fear is holding you back from improving in your fitness?  How can I help you reach your everyday fitness goals?


Don’t forget to review your (now smaller) income

This year the Social Security tax rate went back to the pre-stimulus rate.  It is now 6.2%.

If your budget runs off of your income (which it should) you’ll need to find places to adjust so that you don’t accidentally spend more than you make.

For those with a set pay date (1st,15th, every other week, etc) subtract your last December paycheck from your first January check.  Then double it.  This is the amount you’ll need to adjust your budget by. 


If you need to setup a budget please review the Finances section.