How to Stay Focused on the Important Things – Peter Bregman – Harvard Business Review







 Discipline, willpower and self-control are unsustainable. Eventually, we weaken.

From: How to Stay Focused on the Important Things – Peter Bregman – Harvard Business Review.


How to Migrate Your Facebook Account and Data to Google+


You may not be ready to ditch Facebook for good, but now that you’ve had a chance to kick the tires on Google+, you might be ready to make it your go-to social network. The problem: You’ve built up a lot of friends, photos, videos, and other data on Facebook over the years, and you don’t want to simply lose all that data. Here’s how to migrate it all from Facebook to Google+.

from LifeHacker How to Migrate Your Facebook Account and Data to Google+.


Get Rich Slowly >> The Financial Cost of Obesity


Weight and finances have been discussed at length on personal finance blogs, but mostly the similarities between money and weight management. There’s been little discussion about the total annual cost of obesity for an individual because most research offers anecdotal evidence of higher costs associated with obesity, but not a dollar amount for a single person.

From: The Financial Cost of Obesity.

U.S. National Carrier Plan Price Showdown! [Spreadsheet]



For this comparison, I chose to use a phone that spans across almost all the national carriers, the LG Optimus One. This is a very nice mid-grade handset that we happen to be doing a in depth review on next week, specifically the Virgin Mobile Optimus V. I wont go into an overview of the handset right now, but will tell you that the Optimus V is a great phone, and that it is more than enough to be the only smart-phone in your pocket.

from U.S. National Carrier Plan Price Showdown! [Spreadsheet].

The Simple Dollar » Turning the Corner with a Side Business

Finally, do you have a sensible grasp of your accounting needs? Paying taxes, continuing to save for future goals, and maintaining a working household budget are tricky things to juggle when you’re self-employed welcome to quarterly taxes!. You’ve got to have a plan for keeping things in order or else you’re going to wind up not getting financially ahead or, even worse, finding Uncle Sam on your tail.

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