How to Stay Motivated






T NATION | How to Stay Motivated.

When your motivation drops, what do you do?


5 Surprising Reasons You Blew Your Diet

T NATION | 5 Surprising Reasons You Blew Your Diet.

“It’s human nature to make comparisons, but they’ll get the best of you if you don’t watch yourself.”

Figure out why you’re dieting. A strong enough why will help you through the how.

Don’t overcomplicate the process. Getting started is far more important than having the “perfect” plan.

Respect the process. Have patience and realize that awesome physiques are not built overnight.

Create an environment for success by hanging out with the right crowd.

Harness the constructive power of comparison. Use comparisons as a tool rather than a handicap

Case Study: No more excuses. Turning a creative hobby into $12,000

Today, a story about how Franky Chung, a web designer, doubled his rates and earned $12,000.

Most creative people could earn thousands more every month if they adopted classic approaches to marketing their products and themselves. Interestingly, if the word “marketing” elicits an instant recoil in you, you likely have an invisible script of “marketing=sellout” in you.

Case Study: No more excuses. Turning a creative hobby into $12,000