“Start paying attention to the way you do the small things in your life. You may surprise yourself at just how much more you are capable of.”

via This One Phrase Changed My Life – Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement.

“As technology advances, so does the potential complexity—for this reason, load screens are here to stay. While waiting in life, and even video games, is unavoidable it does not have to be wasteful. Find ways to improve yourself or help others around you when you feel stuck facing life’s loading screens.”

via What to Do When You’re Stuck at Life’s Loading Screens.

“Trust me, life goes on without a television service. I rarely watch television at all these days. I fill my evenings with other things – taking classes, working on projects, spending time with my kids and with my wife, going to social events, and so on.

Your cable bill is certainly a bill you can do without if you’re willing to make that choice. The decision, as always, is up to you. Are you willing to make a choice that will save you both time and money?”

via The Ultimate Guide to Cutting the Cable Cord – The Simple Dollar.

And in this moment, you begin to feel a tinge of embarrassment—not because the clothes are any different from what you normally wear, but because your immediate culture’s expression of normal has changed dramatically.

As I mentioned, for most of us, these feelings of embarrassment did not end when we graduated school. They continue even into adulthood.

via Those Things By Which We Get Embarrassed.

Why a Two-Year Degree May Be Your Best Investment – The Simple Dollar.

“Whether you think you can or cannot, you are right.”

via Becoming Rich Is a Matter of Mind Over Money – The Simple Dollar.

Vacation is cheaper than severance and training.

via paperplanes. From Open (Unlimited) to Minimum Vacation Policy.

“It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see where I’m going with this. It’s extremely silly to worry about saving $.50 at the FroYo joint when you drive a car that costs about 100,000x that much. This mother was completely missing the point. However, you need not look far to see similar examples all around you. Here are some that I’ve noticed:”

via Thursday Rant: Foolish FroYo Frugality | 1500 Days to Freedom1500 Days to Freedom.

When you resist the tyranny of “I have to” and embrace the genius of “I choose to” (especially when respectful and structured )  deflects distractions and ensures that the right projects are completed.

via You Don’t “Have to” Do Everything – 99U.

I’m making compromises on the one thing that I enjoy most because when I evaluate what I want more badly in life – gastronomic pleasures or a life that is free from the rat cage?

Freedom wins, hands-down.

via White Collar Freedom: When The Thing You Enjoy Most Is Costing You Your Freedom.



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